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Amphibia (season 1)

Amphibia (season 1)
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Until the recent past, the girl named Anne was little interested in the surrounding nature. Her own person interested her much more. The self-entitled girl saw nothing except herself. She had no friends and this is why she was a little sad. Everything changed when the girl met the most incredible creature. This pink frog named Sprig turned to be so funny and the young lady forgot she was the best one all over the world.

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Episode 1-2
S01 E01E02 - Anne or Beast? & Best Fronds

Episode 3-4
S01 E03E04 - Cane Crazy & Flood, Sweat & Tears

Episode 5
S01 E05 - Hop Luck

Episode 6
S01 E06 - Stakeout

Episode 7-8
S01 E07E08 - The Domino Effect & Taking Charge

Episode 9-10
S01 E09E10 - Anne Theft Auto & Breakout Star

Episode 11-12
S01 E11E12 - Sprig Vs. Hop Pop & Girl Time

Episode 13-14
S01 E13E14 - Dating Season & Anne Vs. Wild

Episode 15-16
S01 E15E16 - Contangi-Anne & Family Shrub

Episode 17-18
S01 E17E18 - Lily Pad Thai & Plantaru2019s Last Stand

Episode 19-20
S01 E19E20 - Toad Tax & Prison Break

Episode 21-22
S01 E21E22 - Grubhog Day & Hop Pop and Lock

Episode 23-24
S01 E23E24 - Civil Wart & Hop-Popular

Episode 25-26
S01 E25E26 - Croak and Punishment & Trip to the Archives

Episode 27-28
S01 E27E28 - Snow Day & Cracking Mrs. Croaker

Episode 29-30
S01 E29E30 - A Night at the Inn & Wally and Anne

Episode 31-32
S01 E31E32 - Family Fishing Trip & Bizarre Bazaar

Episode 33-34
S01 E33E34 - Cursed! & Fiddle Me This

Episode 35-36
S01 E35E36 - The Big Bugball Game & Combat Camp

Episode 37-38
S01 E37E38 - Children of the Spore & Anne of The Year

Episode 39
S01 E39 - Reunion


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