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Bob’s Burgers (season 12)

Bob's Burgers (season 12)
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An extravagant gentleman named Bob Belcher is safely ensconced in Seymour Bay. He lives in a green building. Next door is a restaurant he owns. He tries to keep his business afloat and not to lose face to enterprising competitors. The wily Mort, who runs the neighboring restaurant, often visits his eatery. Another rival of the guy is the cynical Jimmy, who never misses an opportunity to hurt him or make fun of him.

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Episode 1
S12 E01 - Manic Pixie Crap Show

Episode 2
S12 E02 - Crystal Mess

Episode 3
S12 E03 - The Pumpkinening

Episode 4
S12 E04 - Driving Big Dummy

Episode 5
S12 E05 - Seven-tween Again

Episode 6
S12 E06 - Beach, Please

Episode 7
S12 E07 - Loft in Bedslation

Episode 8
S12 E08 - Stuck in the Kitchen with You

Episode 9
S12 E09 - FOMO You Didn't

Episode 10
S12 E10 - Gene's Christmas Break

Episode 11
S12 E11 - Touch of Eval(uations)

Episode 12
S12 E12 - Ferry on My Wayward Bob and Linda

Episode 13
S12 E13 - Frigate Me Knot

Episode 14
S12 E14 - Video Killed the Gene-io Star

Episode 15
S12 E15 - Ancient Misbehavin

Episode 16
S12 E16 - Interview with a Pop-pop-pire

Episode 17
S12 E17 - The Spider House Rules

Episode 18
S12 E18 - Clear and Present Ginger

Episode 19
S12 E19 - A-Sprout A Boy

Episode 20
S12 E20 - Sauce Side Story

Episode 21
S12 E21 - Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner

Episode 22
S12 E22 - Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day


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