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Danger Force (season 1)

Danger Force (season 1)
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The world will be much more diverse and incredible, as soon the characters will discover that the Earth is filled not only with criminals but also real monsters that threaten people's lives much more than those who rob banks. Despite the very difficult situation, the main characters try to act together. Their unity is the most powerful weapon that can be used in this incredible war.

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Episode 1
S01 E01 - The Danger Force Awakens

Episode 2
S01 E02 - Say My Name

Episode 3
S01 E03 - Captain Mayonnaise

Episode 4
S01 E04 - Villains' Night

Episode 5
S01 E05 - Mime Games

Episode 6
S01 E06 - Chapa's Crush

Episode 7
S01 E07 - Return of the Kid

Episode 8
S01 E08 - Mika in the Middle

Episode 9
S01 E09 - The Thousand Pranks War: Part I

Episode 10
S01 E10 - The Thousand Pranks War: Part II

Episode 11
S01 E11 - Down Goes Santa: Part 1

Episode 12
S01 E12 - Down Goes Santa: Part 2

Episode 13
S01 E13 - Vidja Games

Episode 14
S01 E14 - Test Friends

Episode 15
S01 E15 - Lil' Dynomite

Episode 16
S01 E16 - Monsty

Episode 17
S01 E17 - Twin It to Win It

Episode 18
S01 E18 - Radioactive Cat

Episode 19
S01 E19 - Miles Has Visions

Episode 20
S01 E20 - Captain Man Strikes Out

Episode 21
S01 E21 - Manlee Men

Episode 22
S01 E22 - SW.A.G is Haunted

Episode 23
S01 E23 - Family Lies

Episode 24
S01 E24 - Earth to Bose

Episode 25
S01 E25 - Drive Hard


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