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Family Guy (season 19)

Family Guy (season 19)
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The head of the family is a fat man named Peter. The central character is married to a typical housewife named Lois whose parents are real aristocrats. The woman does not work anywhere and spends most of her time in the walls of her own home teaching piano lessons. The married couple is engaged in raising three children whose ages differ significantly from each other. Meg, the eldest of all the children, is subjected to daily taunts from peers at school and can do nothing about the problem. The middle son, Chris, is a complete copy of his own father. A teenager does not differ in mental abilities from peers but is quite arrogant and completely ill-mannered child. The most positive and funny member of the family is the youngest son of Peter and Lois.

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Episode 1
S19 E01 - Stewieu2019s First Word

Episode 2
S19 E02 - The Talented Mr. Stewie

Episode 3
S19 E03 - Boys & Squirrels

Episode 4
S19 E04 - CutawayLand

Episode 5
S19 E05 - La Famiglia Guy

Episode 6
S19 E06 - Meg's Wedding

Episode 7
S19 E07 - Wild Wild West

Episode 8
S19 E08 - Pawtucket Pat

Episode 9
S19 E09 - The First No L

Episode 10
S19 E10 - Fecal Matters

Episode 11
S19 E11 - Boyu2019s Best Friend

Episode 12
S19 E12 - And Then There's Fraud

Episode 13
S19 E13 - PeTerminator

Episode 14
S19 E14 - The Marrying Kind

Episode 15
S19 E15 - Customer of the Week

Episode 16
S19 E16 - Who's Brian Now?

Episode 17
S19 E17 - Young Parent Trap

Episode 18
S19 E18 - Meg Goes to College

Episode 19
S19 E19 - Family Cat

Episode 20
S19 E20 - Tales of Former Sports Glory


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