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Last Man Standing (season 9)

Last Man Standing (season 9)
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He is the marketing director of the legendary sports store, loves adventures during business trips, and, of course, drives a pickup truck. Although Mike is the coolest at work, at home he is under the thumb of women. His wife Vanessa, and three daughters-22-year-old Kristin, 17-year-old Mandy and 14-year-old Eve. Vanessa returned to work after years of raising children, and, to the displeasure of her male colleagues, was quickly promoted. Because Vanessa spends a lot of time at work, Mike has to spend more time with his daughters.

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Episode 1
S09 E01 - Time Flies

Episode 2
S09 E02 - Dual Time

Episode 3
S09 E03 - High on the Corporate Ladder

Episode 4
S09 E04 - Jen Again

Episode 5
S09 E05 - Outdoor Toddler

Episode 6
S09 E06 - A Fool and His Money

Episode 7
S09 E07 - Preschool Confidential

Episode 8
S09 E08 - Lost and Found

Episode 9
S09 E09 - Grill in the Mist

Episode 10
S09 E10 - Meatless Mike

Episode 11
S09 E11 - Granny Nanny

Episode 12
S09 E12 - Midwife Crisis

Episode 13
S09 E13 - Your Move

Episode 14
S09 E14 - The Two Nieces of Eve

Episode 15
S09 E15 - Butterfly Effect

Episode 16
S09 E16 - Parent-normal Activity

Episode 17
S09 E17 - Love & Negotiation

Episode 18
S09 E18 - Yoga and Boo-Boo

Episode 19
S09 E19 - Murder, She Wanted

Episode 20
S09 E20 - Baxter Boot Camp

Episode 21
S09 E21 - Keep On Truckin'


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