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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 21)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 21)
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Lieutenant and her partners are to find a malicious maniac. He has raped three women and has hidden on the Cuban territory. The analysis clearly indicates that the villain is guilty. But the operatives have to arrest the criminal and get him back to the country.

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Episode 1
S21 E01 - I'm Going to Make You a Star

Episode 2
S21 E02 - The Darkest Journey Home

Episode 3
S21 E03 - Down Low in Hell's Kitchen

Episode 4
S21 E04 - The Burden of Our Choices

Episode 5
S21 E05 - At Midnight in Manhattan

Episode 6
S21 E06 - Murdered at a Bad Address

Episode 7
S21 E07 - Counselor, It's Chinatown

Episode 8
S21 E08 - We Dream of Machine Elves

Episode 9
S21 E09 - Can't Be Held Accountable (1)

Episode 10
S21 E10 - Must Be Held Accountable (2)

Episode 11
S21 E11 - She Paints for Vengeance

Episode 12
S21 E12 - The Longest Night of Rain

Episode 13
S21 E13 - Redemption in Her Corner

Episode 14
S21 E14 - I Deserve Some Loving Too

Episode 15
S21 E15 - Swimming with the Sharks

Episode 16
S21 E16 - Eternal Relief from Pain

Episode 17
S21 E17 - Dance, Lies and Videotape

Episode 18
S21 E18 - Garland's Baptism By Fire

Episode 19
S21 E19 - Solving for the Unknowns

Episode 20
S21 E20 - The Things We Have To Lose


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