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PJ Masks (season 3)

PJ Masks (season 3)
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Each of the guys has his own suit and mask. The masks depict animals and the suits are made of night pajamas. But each of heroes can easily be noticed. The main heroes will face incredible secrets, real adventures and final positive things. Each episode begins in various ways but all has happy ending. Many children will like this French animated series. It has lots of interesting and fascinating moments.

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Episode 1
S03 E01 - Moon Madness (1)

Episode 2
S03 E02 - Moon Madness (2)

Episode 3
S03 E03 - Armadylan and Robette Rule

Episode 4
S03 E04 - Armadylan Zen

Episode 5
S03 E05 - Way of the Woofy

Episode 6
S03 E06 - Werejalinos

Episode 7
S03 E07 - PJ Comet

Episode 8
S03 E08 - Glowy Moths

Episode 9
S03 E09 - Teacher Goes Ninja

Episode 10
S03 E10 - Robot Goes Wrong

Episode 11
S03 E11 - Lionel's Powers

Episode 12
S03 E12 - Best Friends Forever

Episode 13
S03 E13 - Meet An Yu (1)

Episode 14
S03 E14 - Meet An Yu (2)

Episode 15
S03 E15 - The Moon Prix

Episode 16
S03 E16 - Pirates Ahoy!

Episode 17
S03 E17 - Secret of the Pagoda

Episode 18
S03 E18 - Storm of the Ninja

Episode 19
S03 E19 - Arma-Leader

Episode 20
S03 E20 - Owlette Slips Up

Episode 21
S03 E21 - The Splat Monster (1)

Episode 22
S03 E22 - The Splat Monster (2)

Episode 23
S03 E23 - Moth on the Moon

Episode 24
S03 E24 - Fly Me to the Moon

Episode 25
S03 E25 - Luna's Cosmic Tantrum

Episode 26
S03 E26 - Motsuki the Best

Episode 27
S03 E27 - Wheels of a Hero

Episode 28
S03 E28 - Moonwolfy

Episode 29
S03 E29 - Clash on Mystery Mountain

Episode 30
S03 E30 - A Teeny Weeny Problem


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