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Power (season 6)


Nowadays the most powerful people are divided into two groups. The first ones are politicians and everybody who is connected to the state authorities. They control the people and are always in public. Their faces are known to everyone. The second group doesn't show itself such openly. Their real names are known to a limited number of persons. But it doesn't detriment their power. These people are heading the most dangerous part of our society, the criminal world.

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Episode 1
S06 E01 - Murderers

Episode 2
S06 E02 - Whose Side Are You On?

Episode 3
S06 E03 - Forgot About Dre

Episode 4
S06 E04 - Why Is Tommy Still Alive?

Episode 5
S06 E05 - King's Gambit

Episode 6
S06 E06 - Inside Man

Episode 7
S06 E07 - Like Father, Like Son

Episode 8
S06 E08 - Deal With the Devil

Episode 9
S06 E09 - Scorched Earth

Episode 10
S06 E10 - No One Can Stop Me

Episode 11
S06 E11 - Still DRE

Episode 12
S06 E12 - He Always Wins

Episode 13
S06 E13 - It's All Your Fault

Episode 14
S06 E14 - Reversal of Fortune

Episode 15
S06 E15 - Exactly How We Planned


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