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Riverdale (season 4)

Riverdale (season 4)
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The guy has learned how to play guitar on his own. In his songs he takes out all his feelings. Despite his father's negative view, Archie wants to tie his life with music. After beauty Veronica had appeared in their school, Archie tries to start a relationship with her. But the girl is the friend of Betty, and she doesn't want to argue with her for Archie.

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Episode 1
S04 E01 - Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam

Episode 2
S04 E02 - Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High

Episode 3
S04 E03 - Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon

Episode 4
S04 E04 - Chapter Sixty-One: Halloween

Episode 5
S04 E05 - Chapter Sixty-Two: Witness for the Prosecution

Episode 6
S04 E06 - Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary

Episode 7
S04 E07 - Chapter Sixty-Four: The Ice Storm

Episode 8
S04 E08 - Chapter Sixty-Five: In Treatment

Episode 9
S04 E09 - Chapter Sixty-Six: Tangerine

Episode 10
S04 E10 - Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues

Episode 11
S04 E11 - Chapter Sixty-Eight: Quiz Show

Episode 12
S04 E12 - Chapter Sixty-Nine: Men of Honor

Episode 13
S04 E13 - Chapter Seventy: The Ides of March

Episode 14
S04 E14 - Chapter Seventy-One: How to Get Away With Murder

Episode 15
S04 E15 - Chapter Seventy-Two: To Die For

Episode 16
S04 E16 - Chapter Seventy-Three: The Locked Room

Episode 17
S04 E17 - Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town

Episode 18
S04 E18 - Chapter Seventy-Five: Lynchian

Episode 19
S04 E19 - Chapter Seventy-Six: Killing Mr. Honey

Episode 20
S04 E20 - Chapter Seventy-Seven: Stand to Reason

Episode 21
S04 E21 - Chapter Seventy-Eight: Follow the Green

Episode 22
S04 E22 - Chapter Seventy-Nine: Riverdale's Reverie


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