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The Good Doctor (season 5)

The Good Doctor (season 5)
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Teenage Shaun's childhood was horrible, his father constantly beating him. His older brother was beaten just as much. The man did not understand that the child was sick. Autistic since birth, Shaun was a withdrawn child and had no friends. The brothers made the decision to live separately from their abusive parent. Shaun made the decision to seriously pursue medicine after the death of a rabbit on the vet table that his angry father threw against the wall. The decision to become a doctor took root after his brother's fatal accident.

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Episode 1
S05 E01 - New Beginnings

Episode 2
S05 E02 - Piece of Cake

Episode 3
S05 E03 - Measure of Intelligence

Episode 4
S05 E04 - Rationality

Episode 5
S05 E05 - Crazytown

Episode 6
S05 E06 - One Heart

Episode 7
S05 E07 - Expired

Episode 8
S05 E08 - Rebellion

Episode 9
S05 E09 - Yippee Ki-Yay

Episode 10
S05 E10 - Cheat Day

Episode 11
S05 E11 - The Family

Episode 12
S05 E12 - Dry Spell

Episode 13
S05 E13 - Growing Pains

Episode 14
S05 E14 - Potluck

Episode 15
S05 E15 - My Way

Episode 16
S05 E16 - The Shaun Show

Episode 17
S05 E17 - The Lea Show

Episode 18
S05 E18 - Sons


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