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The Owl House (season 2)

The Owl House (season 2)
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Fourteen-year-old Luz believes in miracles. Her mother is against her own daughter's dangerous infatuation. Wishing well for her child, the woman sends Luz to a summer camp. The main character decides to escape from there, but on the way home runs into a strange owl. The bird snatches the book from the teenager's hands and flies away

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Episode 1
S02 E01 - Separate Tides

Episode 2
S02 E02 - Escaping Expulsion

Episode 3
S02 E03 - Echoes of the Past

Episode 4
S02 E04 - Keeping Up A-fear-ances

Episode 5
S02 E05 - Through the Looking Glass Ruins

Episode 6
S02 E06 - Hunting Palismen

Episode 7
S02 E07 - Eda's Requiem

Episode 8
S02 E08 - Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door

Episode 9
S02 E09 - Eclipse Lake

Episode 10
S02 E10 - Yesterday's Lie

Episode 11
S02 E11 - Follies at the Coven Day Parade

Episode 12
S02 E12 - Elsewhere and Elsewhen

Episode 13
S02 E13 - Any Sport in a Storm

Episode 14
S02 E14 - Reaching Out

Episode 15
S02 E15 - Them's the Breaks, Kid

Episode 16
S02 E16 - Hollow Mind

Episode 17
S02 E17 - Edge of the World

Episode 18
S02 E18 - Labyrinth Runners

Episode 19
S02 E19 - O Titan, Where Art Thou

Episode 20
S02 E20 - Clouds on the Horizon

Episode 21
S02 E21 - King's Tide


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