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Tyler Perry’s The Oval (season 2)

Tyler Perry's The Oval (season 2)
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Together with Hunter, his wife Victoria and their adult children Gayle and Jason move into the Washington mansion. The life of the Franklins is changing dramatically, but apart from the political context, they are still an ordinary family with their love and hatred, with jealousy and infidelity, with secrets and revelations.

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Episode 1
S02 E01 - A Little Girl Talk

Episode 2
S02 E02 - Natural Habitat

Episode 3
S02 E03 - Wicked Things

Episode 4
S02 E04 - The Fencer

Episode 5
S02 E05 - A Stranger At Home

Episode 6
S02 E06 - Malicious Intent

Episode 7
S02 E07 - Hidden Secrets

Episode 8
S02 E08 - Dont Believe Your Eyes

Episode 9
S02 E09 - Political Junkie

Episode 10
S02 E10 - The Master

Episode 11
S02 E11 - Empty Your Bag

Episode 12
S02 E12 - Misunderstood

Episode 13
S02 E13 - Every Weekend

Episode 14
S02 E14 - The Target

Episode 15
S02 E15 - Don't Move

Episode 16
S02 E16 - Familiar Faces

Episode 17
S02 E17 - Body Parts

Episode 18
S02 E18 - Misunderstood

Episode 19
S02 E19 - Nine Lives

Episode 20
S02 E20 - The Skies Have Eyes

Episode 21
S02 E21 - Powerful Hands

Episode 22
S02 E22 - Episode 22

Episode 23
S02 E23 - Episode 23


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